How would a coach actually benefit me?

Having a Coach Advance certified coach benefits you or your team immediately by providing a non-judgmental, non-threatening environment that allows you the freedom to really explore God’s vision for you and discover action steps that will move you towards it!

Coaching is the process of coming alongside a person or team to help them discover God’s agenda for their life and ministry, and then cooperating with the Holy Spirit to see that agenda become a reality.

Coaches come alongside to help, just as Barnabas came alongside Paul, and then Paul came alongside Timothy and others. By encouraging and challenging others, coaches empower them for ministry. Barnabas may never have been in the starring role, but without him many others would not have been able to accomplish the great things for God that they did. Through his investment in people, his impact was exponential.

The goal of coaching is helping someone succeed, which is finding out what God wants you to do and doing it. Given that definition, success will certainly look different on different people, but it will all be tied into accomplishing Biblical mission. Far from a top-down program designed to accomplish pre-conceived ends, coaching empowers each individual believer to listen to the Spirit and act in accordance with the mission they sense God calling them toward. Coaching is essentially listening to the Holy Spirit and taking action accordingly.


What makes coaching so powerful?


People are at least twice as fruitful when in coaching relationships. Good coaching empowers people to discern God’s will and take the appropriate next steps for their personal and ministry development. Some of the benefits and functions of coaching:

  • Provides encouragement for the journey
  • Cultivates wisdom and strategic insights
  • Discovers breakthrough opportunities
  • Maintains focus on the truly important
  • Transforms vision into reality
  • Instills accountability while moving into the future
  • Stimulates growth in being a Godly leader
  • Establishes an action plan and take action towards achieving goals
  • Become more self-reliant
  • Gains more job and life satisfaction
  • Takes greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments
  • Works more easily and productively with others

Communicates more effectively

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