Five “Times” to Find a Coach

ORev. Dr. Kevin Wilsonne of the more common questions I am asked is, “How do I know its time for a coach?”  Here are five times its wise to find a coach.

You face a significant challenge or opportunity. 

In day to day life, there are only so many times truly significant challenges or opportunities arise. There are only so many times you have a chance to relocate your organization. There are only so many times you can expand staffing. There are only so many times you will face an emergency shortfall in funding. When these challenges or opportunities arise, you still have to handle the day-to-day routine. That’s its a great time to consider a coach. A coach will help you navigate both the daily responsibilities and the steps to meeting the challenge or opportunity.

You are unable to sustain an important change in the way your work.

There are two “truisms” at work in this one. First, we are creatures of habit. It is difficult to make lasting personal changes in the way we work because we fall back into old patterns of behavior. Second, organizations constantly seek to conform to form. The established systems in organizations push back against changes. If the personal or organizational changes are important, a coach can help you create new healthy habits that stick and organizational changes that last.

Your work is so chaotic that you are struggling to focus on anything. 

Even leaders with the most unstructured personalities can reach the point where chaos at work is draining. You have a new boss. The congregation changes the Sunday morning schedule. You’re “right hand” leaves to lead another non-profit. The greater the confusion or change at work, the more a coach can help you gain focus and traction on the work that matters most to you.

You are changing jobs. 

Concerned about adjusting to a new job? Not sure how to make the best first impression when you receive a promotion? Excited about the opportunity at your new call? Starting a new job or position is almost aways a whirlwind. A coach can ensure you create a plan to start your new position, provide you with space to breathe in the new position or help you identify those key resources necessary to start well.

You have a deep desire for personal development.

The classroom is not for everyone. Some people learn better by putting together a personal development plan. The challenge is how to follow through with the plan. Coaching is one answer. If you want to develop as a leader, CoachAdvance can provide Effectively Leadership training and then coach you through the development process. If you want to better align your actions with your values, then a coach can walk you through the process of becoming consistent with your values. Coach is tailor made for personal development.

Posted by Kevin Wilson, who serves as a coach, coach trainer, coach mentor.

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