Creating Coaching Cultures to Advance God’s Kingdom.



Coaching is a Spirit-led relationship where a client experiences personal growth while reaching significant goals.


The coaching environment provides a unguarded space for you or your team to speak openly about your desires, fears, and successes in order to discover God’s vision for your work.


We provide a network of coaches have walked with with over 75 clergy, lay leaders, and congregations by utilizing tools like CoachNet to provide experienced insights that allow you to visualize the next steps towards your destination.


Contact us today with an email or phone call to our Executive Director, Rev. Vern Bock, and set up a “get to know you” conversation with one of our certified coaches today!
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An Unconventional Way to Sharpen Coaching Skills


By Rev. Dr. Kevin Wilson

I’m sharpening my coaching skills more by listening to podcasts that aren’t about coaching than listening to podcasts about coaching.

Seriously. You can listen to podcasts about architecture or philosophy or fishing […]

Discipleship: Silos vs Sending


As I look at the landscape of the church today. I wonder if due to our declining numbers we have shifted our discipleship practices to respond more out of fear and less out of a […]

Leaders It’s Time to be Selfish


Leaders it’s time to be selfish.
By Rev. Dr. Kevin Wilson
I’m serious.

Be selfish.

– Order a second shot of espresso.
– Download that audiobook you’ve put off buying.
– Leave a little early to hike the trail you’ve had […]


My coach has helped me grow as a pastor and leader in the church. He has pushed me outside my comfort zone. He has helped me to formulate ideas, to set goals, to think ahead and to push for results. He has held me accountable to the goals I set for myself.
Rev. Joshua Schmidt, St. John Lutheran, Defiance, OH
We often try to find some canned solution for ministry challenges. They usually only work partway because they were never designed for your ministry and for your challenges. Coaching helps people get the best out of themselves.
Rev. Mark Etter, Bethany Lutheran Church, Erlanger, KY
Contrary to my expectations, during our first phone conversation my coach did not tell me how to do discipleship in my parish, he rather asked questions that helped me define discipleship and begin to look at my congregation’s process through the lens of this clearer definition. What were we already doing that fit my understanding of discipleship? What is missing in your congregation that might help us live into my understanding of discipleship? Questions like this really helped me change my focus from ministry
Rev. Eric Kennaugh, Risen Christ Lutheran Church, Springfield, OH